Practices are at the Lowell Park Marina at Dexter Lake

  1. To register, submit the online paddler registration form (below)
  2. Select a payment option from the drop down menu and pay (fee explanations are lower on the page)
  3. Print and Sign a Member Waiver and bring it with you to practice (anyone under 18 must have a legal guardian’s signature)

Paddler Registration Form

Membership in Emerald City Dragon Boat club is renewed on an annual basis. We allow members to pay in one lump sum, 4 payments, or 12 payments. Membership is important to the continuity of a team, and it allows paddlers to be more actively involved in the decision making process. As the club grows, paddlers who are not members will not be allowed a voice in planning the annual race schedule or even be guaranteed a place on a race boat. Club members are invited to board meetings, are allowed to serve on the BOD, are allowed to vote in club elections, and help set club policy. You also get a team t-shirt and two races included in your membership.

12 Payment Installment Plan

The monthly break-down allows paddlers to pay their fees in 12 easy payments of $36. Payments are taken out of your account automatically every month, for 12 months.

4 Payment
Installment Plan

Quarterly payments split the fees into 4 lump sums of $102, and allow paddlers to pay at a slightly reduced price. Quarterly fees  are taken out of your account automatically every 3 months for a year.

Annual Plan

The annual fee plan is the most cost effective plan of the three, and allows paddlers to pay for a full year all at once. The fee of $348 comes out once.

$20 4 Practice Punch Card


The punch card is good for 4 practices, and is for paddlers who want to try the sport out, or former member paddlers who may need to reduce their practice/club commitment, but want to keep their hand in the game. Drop-in paddling is subject to the coach’s discretion, and space on the boat. It is always best to contact the club or coach prior to attending a practice on a drop in basis. Drop-ins are NOT members of ECBDC and are not accorded the same privileges as member paddlers.

The club does not provide life vests. Some of our coaches bring extras to practice, but we have no place to store PFDs on site, and it’s a hassle to maintain them. At least a type II or III PFD is required  before a person will be allowed to board a club boat. If you do not want to purchase your own vest, you may pay the club, and one will be purchased for you and brought to practice. If you show up without a vest and extra ones are not available you will not be allowed on the boat. (type I and V PFDs are also acceptable)

Boat Rental Fee $26.00 an hour

Club teams who wish to add practices in excess of the two practices a week covered by their paddler fees, must pay an additional hourly fee.

Non-member teams must pay hourly to rent the boat. The boat availability is subject to club team practices and club steersperson availability. Non-member teams include any paddle challenge teams who wish to rent the boat and equipment for practice, or any team not sanctioned by the Emerald City Dragon Boat Club. Anyone who steps on the boat must sign a club guest waiver. Anyone under 18 must have a legal guardian’s signature. There may be an additional charge for coaching. Every paddle challenge team gets one on water session as part of their registration.

Paddling Workshops and Corporate Team Building


The club offers half day and full day team building workshops that encourage camaraderie and foster stronger communication. The only way to make smooth progress in a dragon boat is to move as one. Leave all of life’s baggage on the dock and discover the mindful relaxation of being on the water. Contact us for more information on these workshops.

Paddler fees are vital to the smooth operation of our club. These fees cover a paddlers membership in the ECDBC, and thereby membership in the Pacific Dragon Boat Association, our regional district for the International Dragon Boat Federation. Paddler fees also cover club insurance, moorage at Dexter Lake, race entry fees, and boat maintenance. We make every attempt to keep fees as low as possible for our paddlers. During the next few years, a small portion of each paddler fee will be diverted to a scholarship fund to help low income paddlers off-set some of the costs to participate. Fees are set and annually reviewed by the Board of Directors in January (the first board meeting of the year). This is the time for members to express opinions and concerns on club fees.