There are 7 director positions on the BOD. Every year the BOD elects 4 of those directors into officer positions. Currently the BOD meets only six times a year, the minimum required by our bylaws. Meetings are open to the public, and are announced to club members via email no less than a week before hand. Club members are encouraged to attend, but must contact the board secretary at least three days in advance of the meeting if they want to make remarks or address the board. The one exception is the Annual Meeting in December, when the BOD will take comments on BOD candidates from the floor. Officers are reelected annually by the BOD at the December meeting.


Erin Zysett, president (year 4 of term one)

Vacant, treasurer (year 1 of term one)*

Jia Ramberg, vice-president (year 2 of term one)

Vacant, secretary ((4 year term))*

Pete Bakimember at large (year 2 of term one)*

Erin Ellis, member at large (year 4 of term one)

Vacantmember at large (4 year term)

Directors serve two-year terms and four-year terms, and can serve no more than 8 years before they are required to take a one term (four year) hiatus from board service. In some cases, a long-time board member may be asked to serve in an exfacio (non-voting advisory) role for one year after their term of service is up.

New board members are voted in by paying members of the club during the Annual Club Meeting, which normally coincides with the December board meeting and the release of the club’s annual report.

*In a two-year term (otherwise a four-year term)

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